Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bathroom Glamour

A little bit of girly glamour for a Monday morning... I'm willing to make a bet that the owner of this bathroom has explicitly banned any male from stepping foot over the threshold of this impeccable bathing wonderland.  Can you imagine some great brute of a man standing unsupervised in that gorgeous room, scattering nasal hair all over the place and wiping his hands on the embroidered towel that everyone knows is NOT to be used?  

Personally, I'm most smitten with the spectacular light fittings that glow like regal sea creatures, although the fret work on the door is running a close second.

Image from here

A Wise Little Owl Once Said...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Be Brave + Be Kind

Sometimes I feel like the bird, tiny and afraid and vulnerable
Sometimes I feel like the hand that holds the bird, strong and commanding and powerful
When I'm the bird, I ask for courage
When I'm the hand, I ask for grace
For to be the bird that surrenders to the fate of the hand, takes pluck
But to be the hand that controls the fate of the bird, takes humility

Be brave and be kind


Image from here

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coral Crush

I love this room... the combination of the white wicker beds with the gold leaf mirror and coral detailed bedlinen seems vaguely Caribbean to me.  It looks like a room that would belong in one of those beautiful old, white-washed plantation style homes with hurricane shutters adorning the exterior like eyelashes.  I can imagine lying on one of those plump beds, listening to waves crash on a nearby beach, while pretty linen curtains suck and billow in the sea breeze.  Pass me my espadrilles will you, I think I fancy a swim!

Image from here

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Interior Self

If you were an interior space, what would you be?  A glamorous teal and silver living room like my friend Jules?  A pink whimsical bedroom like my friend Emma, complete with beautiful linen and butterfly wallpaper?  I just came across the above image and was struck by how it totally captures my design alter-ego. The soft palette, the mismatched furniture, the wicker, the oak, the patterned cushion, the window seat, the white walls, the detailing.  I love that the arrangement is a little imperfect, a little quirky and a little lived-in... just like me!  

Image from here

Monday, November 7, 2011

Colour Scheme: Grey, White & Yellow

This is one of my favourite colour combinations used in such a beautiful way in this image. It's a great example of a successful marriage between traditional and contemporary looks... the designer has taken a classic window seat and added a modern table in a contrasting colour and two Bertoia chairs - genius!  I love all the different fabrics used for the cushions, the metallic sheen of the pendant light and the black and white accessories used on the shelves.  Stunning!

Image from here
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