Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I'm a details girl... I love the tiny elements of the bigger picture... it is the beauty of each individual part that makes the whole so much more interesting. If we train our eyes to see the smallest details then we will really start to appreciate the magnitude of the world around us.

Thank you for all your lovely comments this week - have a happy, happy weekend!

what a beauty

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swedish Glam

Some days I am so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of beautiful interiors that seem to exist in this world that I get a bit frantic that a lifetime isn't enough to appreciate them all! This incredible home belongs to Loi Thai, the owner of online Swedish store Tone on Tone (a favourite inspirational gold-mine of mine for obvious reasons!). Such simple elegance is so blissfully calming - when I grow up, I want a house just like this one :)

the washington post

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Treasure Hunt Continues.....

Old stuff. Worn out stuff. Loved stuff. Each and every item has a story and if you listen closely enough, you can almost hear them whispering secrets. Here are some more pics of a just a few of the delectable pieces that have made their way across the ocean to our home...

Andre's Mum's school pencil case - it is so beautifully made it will surely last forever

Kaye's Olivetti typewriter may not have known just how much it would be loved upon arrival

Serious scissors for serious cutting!

Can you believe this little beauty still works? It belonged to Andre's grandma Rene

Photos by me

Monday, July 26, 2010

Winter Wishing

It is so unbearably bleak outside today - the insipid grey sky seems to have leeched the loveliness right out of the world..... as an antidote to my dreary mood, I decided I needed some beautiful beachy interiors to remind me that July is very nearly over and life will be worth living again. I so wish I could throw open my windows and let the sunburnt summer breezes fill every crack and crevice of our apartment.... what do you wish for?

I love the way the plumpness of the bottles offsets the structured artwork arrangement

I want that bust... badly!

A little dash of colour goes a long way - so bright and cheery!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out of Africa

I was recently carrying on about how much I loathe fake vintage... well look at these beautiful, original pieces that arrived in Andre's container! Nothing like having a bit of real African Colonial heritage floating around the house! I'm still surrounded by ugly packing boxes but every time I unearth one of these gems I feel a rush of adrenalin... I'm a junkie, no doubt about it. More pics to come x

Photos by me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chaos Theory

I don't normally just borrow ideas directly from other blogs but today I am surrounded by a sea of packing boxes (yes, Andre's goodies from South Africa have finally arrived) and I'm totally incapable of sane, original thought! As I type this, I can no longer see daylight from my windows... the boxes are piled so high I have had to carve a path through to my desk (not an easy feat for a pregnant woman with a torpedo belly!). I have NO IDEA where all this stuff is going to live - the house is already full. Hence the images of bulging bookshelves - I'm trying to glean some inspiration amongst the chaos!

Will take pictures once I have some semblance of order around here - wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hook, Line & Sinker

As a natural progression from my previous post, my mind started wandering to what I like to call the 'American Shoreside Look' (it's like the love child of the Lake House and the Beach House...). Old, natural timber pieces combined with fishing rods, oars, vintage maps and splashes of aquamarine blue are positively essential if these lovely images are anything to go by. There is an air of genteel poverty that clearly (if not a little ironically) speaks of wealth beyond my wildest dreams... that chest of drawers above would be crammed with cashmere sweaters worth more than my car, you mark my words!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get The Look: American Lakehouse

I do love a good deer bust... and I'm a little taken with wooden boats, timber cladding and the odd boy scout pendant on the wall.  The American Lakehouse look is my current fascination (the New Zealanders do it equally as well mind you).  

The key ingredients for me are the following:
1. A gorgeous house on a lake (obviously!)
2. Deer busts (note the plural) with impressive antlers and an aloof expression
3. Midnight turquoise painted detailing (I adore this colour!)
4. Internal cladding painted white 
5. Rustic wooden floorboards worn smooth from thick-wooly-sock-wearing feet
6. Exposed beams
7. Two cups of piping hot cocoa sitting on the kitchen bench

Close your eyes, conjure the image and take yourself there x
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