Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swedish Glam

Some days I am so overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of beautiful interiors that seem to exist in this world that I get a bit frantic that a lifetime isn't enough to appreciate them all! This incredible home belongs to Loi Thai, the owner of online Swedish store Tone on Tone (a favourite inspirational gold-mine of mine for obvious reasons!). Such simple elegance is so blissfully calming - when I grow up, I want a house just like this one :)

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Dustjacket Attic said...

So beautiful, I just love that bedroom.
xxx Dj

chair up said...

Oh Wow, I hadn't heard of Tone on Tone before. Just checked out the link. So many amazing pieces there. Thanks Angela, for posting about this. These images are gorgeous.

french doors and verandahs said...

I love these images! There is a lot of restraint shown in these interiors and it makes for a calming and serene look. I wish I had that kind of restraint!
X Briohny.

Melissa K said...

What a gorgeous blog you have! Great photos, thanks for sharing :)

Sally-Ann @ a beautiful space said...

Love the new look blog Angela. Colour and cotton reel image is so pretty. The Swedes do things beautifully, don't they. I could definitely live in that house.Thank you for your kind wishes. SAx

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