Sunday, July 18, 2010

Get The Look: American Lakehouse

I do love a good deer bust... and I'm a little taken with wooden boats, timber cladding and the odd boy scout pendant on the wall.  The American Lakehouse look is my current fascination (the New Zealanders do it equally as well mind you).  

The key ingredients for me are the following:
1. A gorgeous house on a lake (obviously!)
2. Deer busts (note the plural) with impressive antlers and an aloof expression
3. Midnight turquoise painted detailing (I adore this colour!)
4. Internal cladding painted white 
5. Rustic wooden floorboards worn smooth from thick-wooly-sock-wearing feet
6. Exposed beams
7. Two cups of piping hot cocoa sitting on the kitchen bench

Close your eyes, conjure the image and take yourself there x


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I agree Angela, kiwis do this look really well too!

sigh, if only Thom was straight, i'd so be trying to cut someone's lunch right now : )

Fabulously french said...

All gorgeous, I too would love a lake house...

Maybe it is the kiwi in me :-)

A bientot,

Leeann x

Ness Lockyer said...

That is a beautiful house. Is there anyone who wouldnt want a lake house?
Ness xx

michelle b @ every little thing said...

yes, it is indeed a lovely place! and i must say that i learned some new terminology from you...deer "busts", "internal cladding"...nice...thanks for i'll know the names of these things next time i have a convo about the things i love about the lakehouse...and wow all my listeners! hee hee!
thanks for stopping by my blog...and for having me on your sweet!

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