Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please Can I Live Here....

I can't decide which part of this beautiful home I adore more... the gorgeous verandah, the black and white tiled entry, the window seats or the stunning pendant light in the kitchen. The detailing is superb - I've a fetish for internal vertical tongue and groove paneling at the moment - the bay window nook is too gorgeous for words! The only thing missing in this house is ME!
Have a happy, happy day x



Kerry said...

It's incredibly lovely isn't it. I read your piece in Frankie was very moving.

Jane said...

Hi Angela

Just had to write a quick post to say that your blog is one of my absolute favourites. You post so many things that I love.

Keep up the awesome inspiration.

Jane :)

Geisslein said...

this really is a very lovely home! makes me want to redecorate!
have a lovely day today!!!

Anonymous said...

Swedish delight at its best!
Feeling totally home sick now!

Purple Area is a lovely blog and always full of inspiration!

x Charlotta

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