Saturday, February 27, 2010


Finally the day has dawned for my man to come home to me

I wish I could capture this happiness and store it in a jar forever

the style files

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ebony and Ivory

After reading yesterday's post, Andre was very quick to remind me that he was manfully embracing the new era of 'White' and that all my fears were misplaced (apparently the way to my heart is clearly through the Dulux Directions in White paint palette.... the man is no fool!).  

But it's not just white that I adore... I'm also rather obsessed with the timeless combination of black and white.  Ebonised floorboards in particular are so sophisticated and grown-up.  Here are some beautiful images that highlight the point perfectly.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of an Era

I can't believe that Andre arrives from South Africa in less than a week... while waiting for my love to return from across the oceans, time has ticked by with unbearable slowness.  BUT this time next Sunday he will be happily ensconced in what was once my apartment.

 From next Saturday I will no longer be able to call this domain singularly mine - it will be ours.  A very exciting development and one that I'm absolutely ecstatic about........ but I do have to make some changes around here, including (I am very sad to report) the removal of the pink trunk coffee table (I think I'm suffering from separation anxiety already!).  

Our situation of co-habitation is perhaps fraught with difficulty from the outset... Firstly, we are both stubborn Taureans who are very set in our ways - essentially, we are a pair of materialistic control freaks who love nothing more than to dictate exactly what our home environment looks like, down to excruciating detail.  Secondly, we each have very distinct ideas about design which are not always aligned (what with Andre being an architect and me being a designer).  Thirdly, I have an aversion to excessive clutter that verges on a phobia while Andre is a bower bird of the worst kind (I found a box he left here that contained nothing but pens - hundreds of them - half of which didn't work).  

So I have taken a photographic wander throughout the apartment in the last gasps of its feminine regime.... while I'm looking forward to creating an entirely new home with pieces that Andre will bring with him combined with pieces we will purchase together, I must admit to being a little sad at the idea of saying goodbye to all the softness and prettiness that has surrounded me for so long now.  It has been such a delight and pleasure to live against a backdrop of calm girliness - it is perhaps the only truly wonderful upside of single life!

So stay tuned over the coming weeks while Andre and I attempt to let our love conquer the demons of decorating.... Dear God grant us strength and the very un-Taurean trait of compromise!

photos by me

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Happy

Here are some pretty pictures to make you smile on a Thursday....

I love the framed prints combined with the striped cushions - a little bit nordic and a little bit retro

What's not to love about a white ladder I ask you?

I aspire to being the type of woman who has such beautiful, elegant clothes, they could be displayed on an open rack and look like an art installation!

styilng a la anna

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dining Dilemma

My gorgeous friend Katie recently asked me for advice regarding what sort of dining table to use on a wooden floor.  She was concerned that a timber table would look too much against the grain of the floor.  It's always a tricky one to resolve but my favourite way is to use a table with a timber top and white painted legs (I suggested Katie even buy an untreated table and do the painting and staining herself to save cash).  Other solutions include putting a rug beneath the table to break up the wood on wood effect, use a table made from an entirely different material altogether or selecting a timber table that is a completely different colour to the floor to ensure there is contrast.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blue Balloons!

Oh I am so in love with these images.... they combine two of my great loves - balloons and blue.  Heaven!

luphia loves

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let The Light In

The beautiful saturation of soft light in this London home has been achieved through an abundance of gorgeous windows. The end result is so wonderfully open and unconstrained - I adore it!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knitting Nancy

I have to admit to being a little restless lately while I wait for Andre to arrive from South Africa.  I've tried every distraction under the sun from cooking elaborate meals for one to reading five books at once.... nothing seems to be doing the trick.  This evening I became so desperate I pulled out the knitting needles and attempted (yet again) to create something resembling a scarf - I'm fully aware that we are in the height of summer but you need to understand that it could well take the next 5 months to make my masterpiece.  After three aborted casts and a pile of crinkly wool at my feet, serene distraction was not mine to be found.  

Will I EVER learn to knit?  This is the question! 

photo by me 

Lovely Stuff

Here are some images that Ifell in love with simply because they made me happy... hope you like :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yella Bella

For such a sunny, happy colour, yellow causes a whole lot of controversy when used in the world of decorating.  Is it in, is it out, is too canary, is it too much?  Personally, I love a little dash of lemon to liven up a space - it always brightens my mood, adding quirkiness, warmth and a hint of unpredictability.  A yellow and white colour scheme is heaven - here are some images to prove the point!

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