Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yella Bella

For such a sunny, happy colour, yellow causes a whole lot of controversy when used in the world of decorating.  Is it in, is it out, is too canary, is it too much?  Personally, I love a little dash of lemon to liven up a space - it always brightens my mood, adding quirkiness, warmth and a hint of unpredictability.  A yellow and white colour scheme is heaven - here are some images to prove the point!

Anthropology, Country Living, House to Home, Little Lovables, Orange Beautiful


Designsdbj said...

This is my second least favourite colour but you could convince me to use it with these pictures:)

Emom said...

I adore yellow...makes me smile...thank you.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I had a long dark hallway many years ago, and i painted it yellow with white trim and had coir fitted.

people always reacted to it very strongly, they either absolutely loved it or couldn't stand it.

I think accents used well can be brilliant.


Cyma said...

My all time favourite, can you tell ;)

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