Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Because...

I have spent the whole day specifying bricks and stone so it's no surprise I was in desperate need of some beautiful imagery and soft colours to soothe my mind before bed.  Each of these images appeal to me for totally different reasons:

1.  A powder blue typewriter! (no further explanation required right?)

2. The 1950s vibe of this shot combined with the industrial cabinet is quirky and uncomplicated.

3. The wallpaper panel, the contemporary fireplace, the splashes of fuchsia, the incredible rug - I love it all!

4. Pink doors...... the perfect antidote to a world dominated by boring building materials!

1. Design Sponge
2 & 4. ffffound
3. Purple Area

1 comment:

Bree Oliver said...

The industrial zinc cabinet is fab. French Country are now doing a great range of vintage looking zinc industrial furniture. You would love it.

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