Sunday, November 8, 2009

Travel Trinkets

Seeing as though I spent nearly all my money just getting to India, I didn't have much left over for shop shop (much to the disappointment and disbelief of nearly every shopkeeper I met)... Thankfully I'm discerning by nature so I was happy to come away with only a few, small yet perfectly formed reminders of my trip.  Here are my finds (which I love!):

Worry dolls purchased from the Anjuna Markets in Goa - a little Tibetan perhaps but their crazy, manic expressions appealed to me as I stood in 38 degree heat bargaining my heart out.

Cow bell - I found this (with ribbon already attached) in a little shop in Baga.  I like to think it was once around the neck of a lovely, docile holy cow rather than a boring old ox.

Somehow (by sheer good luck) I stumbled across the wholesale manufacturer of Hermes scarves in Jodhpur... to say I was a little excited by this discovery is an understatement of grand proportions!  For an hour and a half I died and went to heaven.

Bangles - the tiny little bangle shops (that are really just a hole in the wall) are like an Aladdin's cave of beauty.  They are lined with boxes and boxes of glass bangles in every conceivable colour imaginable.  The hardest part is choosing which to buy.

I unearthed this camel bone inlaid box in the same shop that I found the cow bell - it feels incredibly cool and smooth to touch and is the perfect size for precious jewels.


Designsdbj said...

Oh so lovely.Especially the scarf and the cow bell. I never saw a cow wearing such a pretty bell even the one that would stick its head in my door on a regular basis

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Angela
I just popped over to say thank you for your lovely comment and found another traveller! Although.. I can hardly call myself a traveller these days, more a distant memory now [something else that requires my attention].

Sadly, I have never been to India so I'm going to enjoy going back over your posts. I'm also going to re-read my Home Beautiful.. hehe

Have a great evening .. Julie

Kellie Collis said...

That scarf if amazing! x What a gorgeous find!

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