Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Snippets of Happiness

Forgive my random collection of images below but I was just in the mood for musk pink typewriters, profound statements, baby elephants and cupcake propaganda today. Just looking at these images makes me all smiley and happy on the inside... what a lovely way to start the day!



Kerry said...

I really love seeing what you come up with in your beautiful. Is that baby elephant really wearing Louis Vuitton?? What a cracker!

Kerri said...

That baby elephant - too cute for words. Always wanted one as a pet, but unfortunately our block is just a few acres short of a game reserve.
Just found your blog, love it!
Kerri x

Geisslein said...

Just wanna wish you a very happy day today!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Perfect Angela
and all related in their happiness!! Did you notice the baby elephant is wearing louis vuitton? oh. i'm a bit slow.. someone already said that... very cute

Anonymous said...

Your collection of random images is simply outstanding!I love the sentence in the second picture on the top. It's simply truth.
Thank you for sharing! - Barbara

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