Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treat Time

Do I have a treat for you!!!

This gorgeous haven of girly splendour has me all in a tizz this morning.... there are just too many delightful bits of beauty in the one house! Each image has something that I adore, starting with the padded wall panels above - I swooned (literally!)

That staircase was love at first sight!

The masculinity of these chairs is in total contrast to the rest of the house - an unpredictable and stunning choice

Pale blue walls framing a white entry with a mirror collage... love!

So styled but so gorgeous...

White floorboards and contrasting paint detail - a fabulously subtle combo

This little chair is like having royalty sitting in the corner

You already know how I feel about chandeliers over baths!

The perfection of this kitchen can be found in the row of blue canisters... it's the small details that matter the most

Simple, crisp, clean, fresh.... totally serene!
Beach Studios


Indie.Tea said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous spot! I love those padded walls too, and the bathroom, and that lovely little chair.

Pinecone Camp said...

You've brought out a little of the "girlie" in me today. I especially love kitchen....just the right touch of pretty for me!
I'm happy you found me, as I love your blog!

Trish said...

What a romantic home. Love the padded wall & I especially love to see a chandelier ove the bath!

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