Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Bug

I've never been a big Halloween fan, always chalking it up to consumerism gone mad.  But this year, as I roamed the brightly decorated streets of our neighbourhood with my little boy all dressed up, listening to the shouts and cries of excited children all around me proudly showing off their painstakingly crafted costumes, I could literally feel my soul being touched by something quite profound.  I can only assume that it was community spirit - these days, it can be a very hard thing to find, let alone recognise!  Is it such a bad thing I wonder, to bribe little children with sweets to talk to their neighbours?  

And look... it's not everyday you get to see two giant rabbits holding hands in your street!  


Claire said...

Sorry, I can't stand it! Such a gimmick and another excuse for parents to spend money. But I like your photos! Those rabbits are a bit disturbing hey :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I love the rabbits.. hilarious!! I have a funny story involving a 6ft rabbit but not really for kiddies..

Glad you had a good time.. Sounds wonderful to have found community spirit.. ciao xxx Julie

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