Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Want to be on HOLIDAY

I took these photos while on holiday in Nantucket....  For a girl who loves white paint and sea shells, you can imagine how much I adored every aspect of this island.  From the understated beauty of the grey and white buildings to the relaxed grace of the local style, it is a tiny haven of coastal perfection.  Sometimes if I close my eyes I can transport myself back there, riding a lemon yellow bike down a bumpy cobbled street, dodging huge white pots of fuchsia geraniums and feeling the warm sea breeze sweep over my sun-blushed cheeks.... ah, happy days kids x

1 comment:

Bree Oliver said...

These images are beautiful. Not only are you a designer but a great photographer too! Maybe you should try your hand at it more. They would look great framed as a series on the wall.

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