Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colour Scheme: Red, White & Pale Blue

I know this colour scheme is a little "Cath Kidson" but I still love the bright cheeriness of it.  The combination of carnival stripes and florals is like being dropped into an Enid Blyton book... a tad kitschy, a tad quaint but endlessly gorgeous and totally British!

My favourite detail: the painted blue and white floorboards

Image from here


girl next door said...

Oh it is lovely...a little twee perhaps, but lovely. Like a cubby house for grown-ups!

Margie said...


Lucy Upton said...

Ang, I just adore these images!! This is what I was hoping for for Isabelle's room, but I couldn't find the perfect blue! Perhaps the next bub will be luky enough for a room like that!
Luce xx

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