Sunday, August 7, 2011

200 Reasons To Be Happy

My hair is behaving.  Andre is cooking a roast for lunch.  The Monkey gave me kisses and cuddles.  The weather is amazing.  It's clean sheet Sunday.  We just mopped the floor... no more sticky feet.  The Magnolias are out in bloom.  I meditated and felt my soul fill with sun.  It's Master Chef Grand Final tonight.  I'm drinking my third cup of tea for the day... in my pink and white stripe cup (I'll skip to the end, shall I?).  I HAVE 200 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!

Lordy, Lordy me, I really can't believe it!  Thank you ALL for joining me on my journey... collecting bits and pieces of beauty and uncovering gems of whimsy and joy is so much more fun when I can share it with you.  I feel so blessed to be part of your world.

Here are some more reasons to be happy... colour, pattern, originality:

Images from here


iheartsunnydays said...

Congrats on your 200! I love the ceiling in that first picture and the blue tiled bathroom :)

Felicity said...

Happy day indeed Angela!

One of the reasons that I love visiting you in this glorious space is because you share such beautiful gifts just like those you've chosen today.

Congratulations and 'blog on'!

xx Felicity

Pinecone said...

200 yay!!!

Love the pics...especially the first one! Happy weekending!

Jane said...

Oh, my warmest congratulations, Gorgeous! No wonder you have so many followers, Ang, given the pretty little haven you have created here. You'll have many more, my friend. J x

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