Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Designer Profile: Kelly Hoppen

I'm seeing a client next week who has described her aesthetic as 'Kelly Hoppen warmed up'.  It got me thinking about the elements that make Kelly Hoppen's signature style so striking.  I've decided it's the monochromatic colour schemes, the symmetry of compositions, the avid use of tactile materials and the pared back elegance that is not the least bit understated.  Kelly's use of proportion and space is spot on.  I can't wait to infuse a bit of Ms Hoppen's grand glamour into my client's home.


Kim said...

Gorgeous images - I love her style x

KL said...

I do love Ms Hoppen! I have all her books and have just ordered the latest 'Interiors' from the Book Depository. I love the pictures you've selected to post too. Very good illustrations of what's she's about. Did you know she has a Blog too? Not often updated but the pics are terrific!

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