Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Love

It is Mothers Day here in Australia and as I sit writing this my own Mama is 500kms away.  It is hard living so far from each other - there are times when I just want to feel her arms around me, to rest my head on her shoulder and feel her restorative love envelope me.  There is nothing quite so calming, so peaceful, so perfect as being cared for by my Mum.  The sincerity and power of her love flows directly through me into my own child - I can nurture, because I am nurtured - we are part of a beautiful, sunlit circle.

Thank you Mum for mothering me
For nurturing me
For replenishing the well of love in my soul

I love you


Image & words by me


trisha said...

Angela, this is so beautiful. Your mother sounds like a wonderful, caring woman.

Carla said...

Gorgeous and heartfelt :)

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