Sunday, January 24, 2010

White with Envy

Clearly my love affair with white interiors shows no sign of abating any time soon!  You have got to check out this amazing house in Elmbourne, London... the detailing is incredible, it makes me want to pick up a paint brush and hit the tin of Antique White USA I've got hiding in the cupboard.  I wonder what my aversion to bright colours says about me - hopefully not that I'm awfully dull and bland :)

(Oh my goodness, this little image above makes my heart sing - how beautiful are those bottles?)

(This is hands down the cutest kid's room I've seen in ages)



Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I just get so excited seeing these images, I just love white and this style. I love the wood floors too, gorgeous colour.

Third from bottom is how I'd like to do the guest bedroom I've decided :o

Cyma said...

I'm generally all for bright colours, but these images are just devine :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... but clearly these people don't have any kids or pets! My four-legged terror would have muddy pawprints on that lot in milliseconds!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Angela
Well I love all of these... i've been trying in recent years to become more neutral... not always with success.. I'll see a colourful cushion or throw and that it's... can't help myself.. at least those things can be alternated for a change of look, but I think my basics will always be neutral. I don't think it is boring.. I think you just like a clean palette.

Those bottles are divine... I have a serious need for them.. hahaha... and the parquetry floors also, thaey have such a great feel to them... have a great Australia Day tomorrow...xx Julie

Jane said...

Yes, I am a total white fan so thanks for all of your fabulous inspiration :)

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