Friday, January 15, 2010

Timber Obsession

I adore the raw, organic nature of rustic timber and the authenticity it introduces to an interior when used in unusual ways. Recycled timber for me is a thing of immense beauty - history cannot be immitated; it can only be impregnated over years and years of wear.

1. I love the width of the recycled wood paneling in this image - it adds warmth and accessability to an otherwise stark space.

2. Timber ceilings are a current fave! I can't get enough of them...

3. This timber wall mosaic made from scrap off-cuts is so crude in it's simplicity that I find it absolutely beautiful.

4. Is there anything quite as breathtaking as an exposed timber beam?

5. Kitchen cabinetary made from recycled timber is my idea of heaven... I can literally feel the smooth, waxy finish of the cupboard doors on my fingertips!



Bree Oliver said...

I just love the kitchen in the last image. The crates used as draws is just genius.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Angela
The first image and that last kitchen. The wood looks great with the stainless steel. Actually I am about to throw out a dead microwave, but it has a door the same as this and am tempted to think of 'something' to do with it.. now i've seen this, the temptation is greater haha. Have a great weekend .. Julie

Cyma said...

Beautiful images and what a lovely blog, adding you to my blogroll :)

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