Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Wish I Were Crafty

Despite years spent attempting cross-stitch and crochet as a youngster, I'm afraid that I've turned out to be a total disappointment in the craft stakes.  I clearly remember being given a Knitting Nancy when I was 7 (surely the easiest way to 'create' known to mankind) and I still managed to stuff it up!  Ironically, I've collected an entire suitcase of craft stuff over the years that sits untouched, like a shrine to a baby I will never have... it's filled with items I don't even know how to use... a hot glue gun, knitting needles, bias binding (whatever the hell that is), I even have an impressive collection of sequins that sparkle scornfully every time I pop open the lid for a peek.

But I have other talents... I can cook scrambled eggs really, really well.  I can paint literally anything white in a nanosecond.  I can spot a vintage bargain at fifty paces.  I can cuddle for ridiculously long periods of time.  So, as the very crafty Gina over at Doe-C-Doe has cleverly spelled out, maybe that's enough!


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Jane said...

You crack me up, Ang! I am just developing my crafty side, having recently turned 40, so don't give up yet! I even bought two (!) hot glue guns for Christmas and made a wreath, completely following the tutorial on a blog. It was that easy! So don't despair - if I can, you can. J x

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