Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Cutlery

My husband and I love to use vintage cutlery that has been passed down from our respective grandparents... something that nobody else in my family quite understands. A while ago my beautiful Mum decided to buy me an entire set of brand new brushed silver cutlery so "I wouldn't have to use all that old stuff anymore" (needless to say, the new set only gets wheeled out when Mum visits). There is nothing quite like a bone handled knife or a silver spoon with etched detailing... such small things bring a touch of beauty into our daily life.

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Felicity said...

I'm the same Angela, but sad to say Cpt. V doesn't share my passion.

My Mum on the other hand is just like yours, so they gang up against me and I'm forced to sneak out the vintage pieces [bite marks in some forks!] for my own pleasure when no-ones watching!

Felicity x

Em said...

I totally agree- I have my english grandparents silver cutlery (having seen yours I think it is nearly a match) sadly customs wouldn't allow the bone handles :-( i love how it is slowely tarnishing. using it daily brings back such fond memories x ps love the new look

Jane said...

Oh, Ang, I totally *get* what you're saying. Nothing like the patina on them or knowing that your forebears held them.

And I am completely smitten by your new header - pure prettiness, you clever girl! J x

PS I wish we could see a new profile pic of you, too - I want to see your lovely face ☺.

Kristopher K said...

love this collection of photos
- looking forward to following your beautiful blog :)

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