Thursday, February 3, 2011

T is for Turquoise

...the perfect antidote for a hot and sticky summers day!

It is sweltering in Sydney today... I have the fan blowing with a bowl of ice in front of it trying to cool the house down (without much success!).  Turquoise is such a beautiful, fresh colour, full of connotations and promises of sweet sea breezes... something tells me I could handle the heat better if I were sitting by a pool surrounded by palm trees, sipping a G&T!

Images from here


Felicity said...

This is such a lovely vignette.
The first three in particular take my fancy.

Felicity x

PS: Love your new banner

Posie Patchwork said...

He he, i seem to follow Felicity around blog land!! I have a girlfriend who collects blue glass, like in a BIG way, her husband doesn't even bother to ask "why" anymore. These are gorgeous, love Posie

Jane @ the girl in the brick house said...

Gorgeous images and I have to say I've never heard of putting ice in front of a fan before! But I am SO over this Sydney heat that I think I'll put ice on myself instead!

Vintage Girl said...

Hi Angela,

Just discovered your lovely blog!
I am in Sydney also
The Vintage Girl

Geisslein said...

Oh my, here in germany it is COLD and RAINY!
So I´m looking forward to warmer days and less clothes and the best of all: beeing barefoot all the time....*sigh*
Have a lovely day today!

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