Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make a Statement

Even me, self-confessed addict of All Things White & Pastel, occasionally sees the need to create bright, bold, beautiful decorating statements.  I don't do it often.  I prefer to limit such outbursts to a few, stunning and memorable moments when the desire to bring a dynamic punch into a home seems like the most natural course of action imaginable - when the combination of pattern, form and colour are so delicious, I can't possibly pass them up.

My rules: Do it right.  Do it well. Do it BIG.

Don't be shy, or half-baked, or demure - the result will look silly if you second-guess your gut.  Have the courage to paint a bookshelf in candy tangerine orange or a hang a crystal-encrusted chandelier in your loo.  The point is to do it because you love it, because it makes your heart sing, because life is way too short to surround yourself entirely with neurotically well matched bedlinen. 

Be brave and say it loud... the effect will be magical when it sets sail on a sea of whispered whimsical thoughts x


Geisslein said...

oh yes, GREAT color! love this ;o)
have a happy day today!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Hurrah! My sentiments exactly. Love this post. xo Gigi

Kellie Collis said...

Stunning! I'm not sure if it was the mirror or the green below it but they sure make a lovely pair! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

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