Monday, February 6, 2012

Patterned Rugs

I am so into patterned rugs at the moment - Armadillo & Co have a beautiful designer range out at the moment but for those with an old existing rug at home that needs updating, check out this brilliant DIY idea above!  Just create a simple stencil and paint over the top.  I love that you can choose any colour under the sun by doing it yourself - the possibilities are endless!

Armadillo's Moroccan inspired designs provide great ideas for stencils



Annie@A View On Design said...

Wow I love that rug idea - I might do something like that - it so hard to get trendy rugs (cheapish)... :)

btw I was checking out your portfolio page, and I do love the work you do, your style is exquisite - I wish you were in Melb, I'd have you over!!! IT's kinda Country Road (but in a good way!!!) ;)

Annie@A View On Design said...

hi Ange - I can totally see that CR was an influence on you :))) Mind you, I think your style is even better, I'm thinking luxury resort - which is ME ALL OVER!!! So I totally get your style, move to Melb please - NOW. Thank you!! :)

btw, you need a blog button, I'd put yours on my site if I could!

Ruby and Belle said...

I love these, this is the perfect solution for my lounge room have been hunting the right colour carpet for ages

Valerie said...

Very cute! Thanks for the post.

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