Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Angels Dilemma

Even angels have to decide what to wear in the mornings!

vintage & morrhar


Melissa K said...

What a unique and lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing these images :)

Mon Alisa Design said...

Yes, it can be very hard :) Lovely post x

Fabulously french said...

Very well timed as I am in the process of deciding what to wear to a posh lunch on Friday....may need more than wings :-)

Leeann x

FrenchBlue said...

Where on earth have you been? You ARE an Angel! I love your blog....and and and this post!! Please tell me about images 2 & 3 are they your wings? Where are those wings? Are they your images?? Please tell me.
No wonder you name is Angel-a.

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