Friday, August 13, 2010

Bath Lovers

I love my bath... but I haven't been in it for a while now. The sad truth is that our pathetic little water tank isn't large enough to fill the tub with hot water and in winter the idea of a luke warm soak doesn't exactly fill me with joy. So I'm forced to look at it with longing and pine for the balmy summer's evenings when I can lie there with the windows thrown wide open and scented candles lit all around.

While I've always fancied the idea of a gorgeous, deep claw foot bath, the white painted timber clad one above is today's favourite x



Anonymous said...

Yes a lack of water really does take the romance out of a hot, warm soak. I rarely have a bath these days and on the odd occasion I did it was back breaking ferrying the water to all parts of the garden afterwards! Don't get into the bath heavily pregnant if no one is home.....I needed a fair amount of help to get out of my bath in those last few weeks! Rather embarrasing really!Just a tip.
X Briohny.

Julie-Ann said...

Gorgeous pictures:)

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