Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucky Number Seven

Have you heard of the blog The Odessa May Society?  If not, you better get your skates on quick smart and scoot over there for a peek... I met Jennie Prince, the talented author of this lovely site, through the recent Blogging Your Way e-course.  I was really touched that Jennie nominated Wicker & Stitch for a Stylish Blogger award (woohoo!).  I always get such a kick out of these things - the blogging world is so full of love and friendship and encouragement.

The deal with this award is that the recipient has to reveal 7 things about themselves that readers wouldn't already know before passing the award onto others... now, I've done this a few times before so, as a bit of a twist on the theme, I thought it would be fun to share some personal things that have happened to me today that have made me smile:

1. Our little Monkey, who will be seven months old in a few days time, woke up this morning and called for "Dadada" and "Mamama" from his cot... Andre and I lay in bed, holding hands and smiling into the darkness at the wonder of being somebody's parents (never mind that it was 5.30am!).

2. I received a package of beautiful fabrics in the post and then sat with them on my lap, stoking them like they were a cat... yes, really!

3. A friend leant me a little book called All My Friends Are Dead... you have to read it, its hysterical!

4. The Monkey got the giggles while eating his morning tea and couldn't stop... I wish I could bottle his unbridled joy and give a dose to all the sad people in the world!

5. I went for a walk in the sunshine and felt the warmth seep into my soul and fill up my heart.

6. I received a beautiful email from my gorgeous friend Jane, full of wisdom, love and encouragement... her blog, Life on Planet Baby is a lovely place to visit.

7. I rang my Mum to tell her about the cot calling... her delight at my delight made me feel light as a feather.

And in case you've ever wondered where I sit when I blog... here is a sneek peek at my messy desk (which sits in our dining room in our tiny little apartment!).

Now... for the good part!  I decided to nominate 3 stylish bloggers who I have only just discovered as a way of introducing them to you and hopefully letting them know just how fabulous I think they are:

1. Gigi from The Magpies Fancy - a blog so beautifully written it sometimes makes me cry.

2. Gina from Doe-C-Doe - the quirkiest little vintage-inspired blog you'll ever read.

3. The Beauty Comma - my latest crush for inspirational imagery.

I hope these blogs bring you all some happiness today.



Gigi said...

Oh my goodness! I was just coming over here for a fun visit, only to discover that you've nominated me for an award! Thank you, Angela! I'm honored and very touched. You made my night.

And I love your list, especially #4. Nothing like a good case of the giggles to make the whole day brighter! I also love this peek at your work space--so inspiring! You are just a peach. xoxo Gigi

Em said...

Well done you gorgeous girl. that is so exciting that mr L is calling out for you both- he's growing up so quickly hey xx

Jane said...

Oh, Sweetheart, a warm congrats on receiving gorgeous Jennie's award - so well deserved. Take a bow, my friend. And thanks for the little mention - I'm so pleased to have brightened your day a little. As does your Monkey everyday! And now I have another 3 delightful blogs to follow - happy days ☺. J x

Tesca said...

Hi Angela,
thanks for sharing your seven things... All your wonderful happenings, especially of your sweet little monkey made me smile today. Your moodboard at your desk looks so inspiring....


Natasha said...

Congratulations on your award, I am just "getting ti know you" and I can already see why you received this award!!

Northern Light

Jennie Prince said...

Such a creative twist on the 7 things list! And may I say I adore your blogging space? Sending hugs to your little sweet!

xo Jennie

Ada said...

Hi Angela,
I just found your blog through the BYW course..I think it's really very beautiful, good job. Your blog is an inspiration to me (can't believe we were in the same blogging class) but my blog is still in its newbie stages!! Anyhow, I'll be back to visit.

Pearl said...

Congrats! You do have a very stylish blog, so inspiring!! I love your inspiration board. That's the best!


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