Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn Tones

Winter's Bridesmaid

The leaves are turning to gold in my part of the world
and the grass is littered with the ghosts of summer.
The air smells of wood smoke and nostalgia...
we will huddle and cuddle and drink cocoa.

That's it, I'm signing off... time to lavish love on my precious little family.

Have a happy weekend and thanks for all your lovely comments this week x

Photos by me


Pearl said...

So pretty!


New Follower!
Come visit me please?

Jennie Prince said...

Cuddling with cocoa sounds perfect. =)

karen said...

The third photo is my favorite. Just beautiful.

As your leaves turn gold, ours are budding. ;)

Pistachio said...

What beautiful color combinations. Love the photos too.
Have a great weekend!

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