Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lament of The Second Hand Rose

Did you know, that here in Australia we don't have Flea Markets?  Well we try to, only our attempts fall short of anything you might find in France or the rest of Europe.  It's a tragedy beyond all comprehension for vintage lovers like me who dream of trawling through endless stalls of fabulously old stuff!  

As far as I can see, our lack of vintage splendour comes from a combination of three things:- we have a tiny population really (only 22.5 million people), we have a relatively short European history (we were settled by the English in 1788) and our culture is more focused on the latest and greatest (in other words, the majority of people abhor anything old).  Oh, and did I mention the fact that we are SO FAR AWAY from the rest of the world?!

Enough whining... Australia is a beautiful country, rich in natural treasures... just a pity we have to trek thousands and thousands of miles, across deserts, mountains and oceans to find a pretty little trinket for the hall console!

Images of Monmartre, Clignacourt Flea Market courtesy of Vintage & Whisker


Lari Washburn said...

Boy I can relate to your situation! Here in Maine we sometimes have the same challenge. Must be hard for a designer wanting to add vintage touches of character!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Angela.. I totally concur.. and would snaffle up all those lovely bits and pieces in the second last shot...

I found a fab antique store in my travels at Eumundi and they have lovely treasures brought back from France... bought a few little treasures there..

You are right about our culture only wanted the newest etc... I find that evident also in our magazines.. that's why I love Australian Country Style so much... full of history and character

Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Amanda said...

Hi Angela, I think New Zealand has the same challenges - with only 4 million people, and the same focus on new. I love my old trinkets more than anything! Imagine the possibilities with those amazing European flea markets. Maybe the lack of them makes us more inventive.
(Found you via BYW - love your mood board!)

Lounging with a Latte said...

It is amazing when I view other blogs from overseas as to how many flea markets they seem to have and how many times I've thought...i want to go there!! Those images look very inviting.

Ivy said...

So glad to meet you through BYW!
I loved your mood board AND your blog.


Jane said...

Ah, Ang, nodding in Hobart. Sigh. And I love the new header! J x

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