Monday, August 3, 2009

Find Me Some Happiness

Sometimes we have days that are harder than others - life seems just a little bit more difficult, love seems to be playing hide and seek and our hearts weigh more than they did yesterday.... BUT then we remember all the beauty in the world and suddenly happiness peeks through our reverie like a single ray of sun....  I have trudged through today with my head down and my heart heavy so I have collected some images that bring a little sunshine into my world and help me remember all the things I love:

1. CLOCKS (slightly strange perhaps but I adore clock faces)

2. BALLOONS (my obsession with balloons is well documented - no surprises here!)

3. BLOSSOMS (= Spring!)

4. LOVEY DOVEY PHOTOS (after all, I am the most pathetic romantic that ever roamed the earth!)

Images: ffffound


Lee said...

May your heart be a bit lighter and may there be lots and lots of sunshine in your day tomorrow. Lee :)

Amanda said...

The way you write your expressions is just so poignant and beautiful. I wish my writing could develop in the same way. So glad you shared these images - a wonderful way to start the week.

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