Monday, August 17, 2009

Let There Be Light

I am always astounded by the impact of a perfectly suited pendant light... it can be the final touch that makes or breaks an interior scheme.  Too bold and it is in danger of overwhelming the more subtle aspects of a room.  Too timid and it will hang listlessly from the ceiling, giving off an air of forgotten dejection.  Get it right however, and it will transform a beautiful interior into a breathtaking one.  Here are some great examples of walking on the slippery cliff edge of audacious design:

The size of these lights complement the artwork above the fireplace while their irregular shape is in direct contrast to the structured, modern shape of the dining chairs and the traditional cupboard doors beyond.

I love how the composition of this light reflects the shape of the insect in the picture.

Round pendant lights are the perfect antidote to the boxy nature of the furniture in this image.

A cluster of pendants hung at different levels gives a focal point for this room that would otherwise appear very cavernous and excessively vast.

Images: Desire To Inspire (1,2,3); Design Voyer (4)

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