Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tea Please!

I love tea.  All sorts: black, green, jasmine, earl grey, lady grey, russian caravan, camomile, orange pekoe... I drink ridiculous amounts (far more than is good for me I'm sure) but today I had to forgo my mid-morning, late-morning, lunchtime, early-afternoon and late-afternoon cup because I was on site and far away from both a kettle and milk (there has been much talk of investing in a thermos but little action to date).  So in celebration of now drinking my early-evening cup of Bushells Blue Label (two teabags, lots of milk), I thought I would share all the wonderful things about my addiction:

* Pretty Pink Tea Cups (admittedly I don't own any, being more of a giant mug kind of girl, but I aspire to becoming more refined in my old age)

* Beautiful Tea Pots (should perhaps be reserved for weekend tea drinking when the slightly laborious task of hoovering up errant tea leaves is a little less frustrating)

* Tea Parties (all that prettiness wrapped up in one joyful excuse to eat small pastries - what's not to love?)

* Tea & Cake (surely one of life's most sublime combinations!)

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